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It's been, uhhhhhh, how many months since I last posted? Anyway, guess who's on spring break!

Guess who just spent the first day of spring break (not spent at the airport orz) blazing through Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective :D? Absolutely loved the game, but I'm not going to go in to details about the plot since it's one you really don't want to spoil yourself for, especially accidentally.

Want me to repeat that?


The gameplay is fun, later puzzles especially can get extremely involved and take split second timing, but the way it's set up is forgiving and encourages experimentation.

It's the story that really makes it shine though, filled as it is with wonderfully goofy characters and WTF plot developments foreshadowed ALL OVER THE PLACE that will MELT YOUR FACE OFF with awesomeness. I did manage to work out the main twist several chapters before it was confirmed, but totally did not see that final revelation coming. You will be wrong. It is also one of those rare beasts, a Japanese videogame that ends well and coherently!...I think. Beat it at 2am this morning and am still trying to wrap my mind around a few details, you'll understand once you get there 8D. Putting aside any minor plot holes that may or may not exist, the ending is still one of the most relentlessly heartwarming experiences ever ♥.

This is a story that doesn't need a sequel, it's just so well formed and complete. Recommended for all ages and skill levels :).

Also, Missile for cutest sidekick ever :3.

EDIT: Forgot the most important thing, same developer as the Ace Attorney series! Though to be honest, even at this early point I think I actually like it more as game-play, pacing, and plotting are tighter all around; benefits of nine additional years of game development experience I guess. So definitely give it a try if you liked the AA games, and consider playing it even if you didn't!

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I just finished Ghost Trick! I glimpsed your entry when you first posted, but didn't read it till now. ♥ for the spoiler warning~ I totally agree that this is a game you don't want to be spoiled for.

Cutest sidekick Missile, yes! :D I read that Missile was inspired by the developer's own (very cute) dog? I loved that Sissel turned out to be a cat too. I mean, I suspected that cat may possibly have something to do with it all, but never thought it was Sissel himself. Loved this game. Shu Takumi has my admiration.


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