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My other lj friends aren't in to One Piece (what's wrong with them?) so I made a separate journal for it but I've pretty much abandoned my other one now so expect to see more non-OP stuff here now and hey, might as well make it a repository for my crappy fic :D.

1. My fic titles suck. This can probably be fixed, but my brain is hardwired for cheesiness.
2. Feel free to correct any spelling/grammar mistakes, bring up issues with characterization, and give constructive criticism; I swear I'll actually take it to heart and not call you a meanie-poo if I don't like it :).
3. One Piece is awesome.
4. I don't own One Piece, Oda Eiichiro does. This is a good thing, because if I did it wouldn't be anywhere near as wonderful .
5. I'll write something other than One Piece someday. ...maybe

Luffy/Usopp is loyal idiotic love. ♥

Merryship is unforgettable love. ♥

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