Aug. 20th, 2011 04:56 pm
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Free weekend \o/! So what am I doing with my valuable time?

1. Study orz

2. Raging at Hulu for messing T&B's ep21 subs I need my fix damnit

3. Torturing and working myself in to a jealous rage of European gamers by reading every impression of Xenoblade I can get my hands on WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT NINTENDO OF AMERICAAAAAAAA (╯°□° )╯︵ ┻━┻

I've seriously been following the development of the game since it began when the only thing on the official page was the beautiful main theme why won't you let me give you my money Nintendo ;_;?'s everyone else doing 8D?
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Winter break is awesome, time to veg out and play videogames all day \o/.

1. Honey and Clover online! Time to go cry my eyes out again. [EDIT] Oh hey, it's also on Hulu :O.[/EDIT]

2. Darker than Black Season 1 on Hulu! Not that Funimation hadn't already put it up on their site, but their service is not the most, uh, reliable.

3. Only place you can get Gankutsuou online though. Come on, you know you want to watch The Count of Monte Cristo IN SPAAAAACE :D!

4. Have some Mushishi as well. How many times have I rewatched this already?

5. How could I forget Yotsuba& c63?

6. And last but not least, sea stars and worms scavenging a dead seal :3.
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1) Took the last anatomy test today, and while I actually quite liked dissection here's to not smelling like cadavers anymore! It'll also be nice not to have nightmares about mistaking the exam date or skipping stations or mixing up tags a;sldkjf my life is so pathetic.

2) I didn't realize how many references people made were to Arrested Development until I started watching it myself, like clips of Gob's retarded performances or Buster and the sheep XD. Fingers crossed for the movie making it out of development hell!

3) Also spent the last few hours re-watching Darker Than Black (oh Japan) in preparation for the new season. Man, you appreciate the show so much more the second time around, there's a tremendous amount of foreshadowing and so many easily overlooked details. Six more days until s2 is six days too many T_T.

4) More Yotsuba&! ♥.


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