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Guess who didn't realize that you needed to get all the sacred weapons to get the chapters past defeating Zephiel! The one I missed was Forblaze, which you get by completing a Desert chapter with Fog of War within a certain time limit. IntSys, why do you hate the player so :(? I'll attempt it when I replay the game who knows when, but yeah, perfectly fine with watching the real ending on youtube for now. The plot as a whole isn't anything special, and like I said that fan translation could be better, but there were some nice moments in the finale. Those ending blurbs were a complete let down though, don't know if it's the translation or the original script. Oh well, final stats!

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Guess who's playing it for the first time! The script's fan-translated and it shows, it's not like Fire Emblem games in general are known for inventive plots, but the presentation makes it fall flatter than usual. Doesn't help that most of the Support conversations I've gotten so far are pretty short and rudimentary, I guess since this was the first game to really feature them in this way. It also really makes you appreciate how good Nintendo's in-house localization team is, they do a great job of getting the spirit across without being stiff and too literal. Anyway, here's my everyone's-promoted-about-to-start-16x status check.

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Everyone's doing very well for the most part! Definitely a lot harder than most subsequent installments, enemies getting to move right when they show up really changes how defensive and position aware you have to be. The desert + fog of war chapter was as annoying as expected, I can't wait for the obligatory ship chapter :P. The game's been surprisingly lenient as far as annoying thief deployment goes though. I imagine I'll eventually regret saying that orz.
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It is apparently Fire Emblem Appreciation Month...s over on the SA Let's Play forums. This pleases me.
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Sweet, sweet internet, I've missed you so ♥. Good thing I had Radiant Dawn to occupy my time 8D. First order of business after getting online again was downloading this song:

and forever embedding it in to my brain. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being able to drop the Suck Brigade to play as the Greil Mercenaries, otherwise known as Ike and his Merry Band of Roving Death, Destroyers of Hopes and Dreams ♥. Which just makes going back to Micaiah's Suck Brigade that much more painful, but what're you gonna do.

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Final thoughts: Path of Radiance was more consistent in quality but more run of the mill, and while Radiant Dawn didn't always succeed at what it was attempting I liked its ambition, considering how wed to tradition the series can be. And taken together they're definitely my favorite FE world of the ones that have been brought to the US, though changing the limiting factor of weapon weights from Con to Strength when calculating Attack Speed would have been enough in and of itself ♥. But though I think Radiant Dawn barely edges it out for my favorite FE game of the ones I've played, I definitely agree with the sentiment that it's not a good place to start with the series, it being a direct sequel aside, considering how much more unforgiving it can be. Good thing Path of Radiance is widely considered the best one to start with huh :D?


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