Jan. 21st, 2010 08:59 pm
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Supreme Court OKs Unlimited Corporate Spending on Elections
I fucking hate this Supreme Court, I at least expect people like Scalia and Thomas to be evil but--Kennedy. What are you doing D:?

At least US Waves White Flag in Disastrous War on drugs, to balance it out a bit :).

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The outgoing Bush administration is planning to announce a broad new "right of conscience" rule permitting medical facilities, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare workers to refuse to participate in any procedure they find morally objectionable, including abortion and possibly even artificial insemination and birth control.

Despite the controversy, HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt said he intends to issue the rule as a final regulation before the Obama administration takes office, to protect the moral conscience of persons in the healthcare industry. Abortion-rights advocates are just as insistent that the rights of a patient come first.

If the regulation is issued before Dec. 20, it will be final when the new administration takes office, HHS officials say. Overturning it would require publishing a proposed new rule for public comment and then waiting months to accept comments before drafting a final rule.

In Texas, a pharmacist rejected a rape victim's prescription for emergency contraception. In Virginia, a 42-year-old mother of two became pregnant after being refused emergency contraception. In California, a physician refused to perform artificial insemination for a lesbian couple. (In August, the California Supreme Court ruled that this refusal amounted to illegal discrimination based on sexual orientation.) And in Nebraska, a 19-year-old with a life-threatening embolism was refused an early abortion at a religiously affiliated hospital.

what the fuck

oh that bush, always finding new and creative ways to make me hate him



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A special report is out from Newsweek about the election, lots of interesting stuff in there. Haven't read the whole thing yet since parts are still going up, and I think the entire print version's going on sale next week.

Some awesome stories showing just how well-organized the Obama campaign was, but I was also heartened to see that McCain really did try to run a clean campaign but lost control of it. Reinforces my belief that he wasn't suited for presidency (he really is more of a legislator), but I'm glad the old McCain was still in there somewhere :).

On the other hand Sarah Palin can still go die in a fire, and is apparently even dumber than everyone thought. As you watch this video, remember that this is Fox News reporting :D.
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Her fail has been well-documented by now, but thought I'd share a couple of incidents that happened within the last few days.


Palin: I don't know if abortion clinic bombers are terrorists...

Note, by her logic 9/11 now isn't considered an act of terrorism. But I guess that's okay because it didn't happen in Real America!

2. Palin gave her first actual policy speech that someone else wrote for her about expanding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to help disabled children on Friday, and she had this to say about the earmark money she'd presumably use to fund it:

Where does a lot of that earmark money end up anyway? […] You’ve heard about some of these pet projects they really don’t make a whole lot of sense and sometimes these dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good. Things like fruit fly research in Paris, France. I kid you not.

Fuck you Palin, fruit flies have done more to help mankind than you ever will. Fortunately, others have been kind enough to point that out :D.


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