Nov. 29th, 2007 11:56 am
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Nobuta wo Produce hardsubs, all ten episodes!

Direct download

Bit torrent

And if you read my tl;dr flailing about it and are actually interested but want to try it out before downloading, view it online at crunchyroll or My Soju.

Everyone, go go go!

Will I ever shut up about this? No It is a mystery >_>.
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Currently watching Gokusen and it's really funny, but I'd probably like it a lot more if two of the three most recent dramas I watched hadn't been GTO (Teacher uses unorthodox methods to reform a class of delinquents? Check!) and My Boss, My Hero (Yakuza member has to keep their ties hidden from the school? Check!), and if the drama I watched right before it hadn't been Nobuta wo Produce, which makes most things look worse in comparison. Yankumi's all kinds of awesome though, and Kuma's a giant sweetie pie :).

Also, how great was OP 472?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ )
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Here be Nobuta wo Produce discussion, filled with much squeeing and spoilers so no peeking until you've watched the series (hint hint).


Now also under cut, *that* scene from episode 5 for...reference :D )

I always want to end any thought about this series with a ♥, because I just love it so much ♥.
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Okay so I lied, finding out that someone on my flist knows what Nobuta wo Produce is has just shattered my resolve not to gush about it in to little bitty pieces. COMMENCE NOBUTA WO PRODUCE LOVE POST OF DOOM ♥ ♥ ♥ etc etc etc

I tried not to put spoilers in this time because I wanted people to actually be able to read this and want to watch the series so that I'd have people to squee about it with :D. Which reminds me, don’t read the Wikipedia entry about it because it spoils the ending.

nobuta wo produce


On a sillier note, I eventually gathered from poking around past discussions about it that the ending song--Seishun Amigo, sung by the actors who played Shuuji and Akira--was pretty popular in Japan. However, I didn't realize exactly how popular it was until I found this clip. I guess you can legitimately be called a national craze if literally everyone and their mom and their dog and people in giant mascot suits know how to dance your gay theme song :D.

Kon Kon

Sep. 14th, 2007 10:02 pm
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I still love One Piece and keep up with it (no OP this week makes me sad T_T) but I haven't written anything in forever...and that's probably not going to change anytime soon because I am currently desperately in love with Nobuta wo Produce and I will try not to vomit incoherent praises about it all over but I can't promise anything ♥♥♥.

In other news, have a video of an initiation ritual thought up by some crazy people that involves sticking your arms up gloves lined with Bullet Ants--so named because getting stung with one supposedly feels like getting shot. And they do it not once, not twice, but twenty times. Isn't learning new things fun and exciting? :D


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