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make up prophecies to force debt-laden nopon in to battle

-explore where other races dare not tread

ride pterosaurs in to battle

cut-throat merchants, have the best selection

medical research
-get in to fights with other researchers

run drug trafficking rings that sucker in the high entia

play up cutesy speech to get others to underestimate them

rub themselves with terrible smelling things so others stop picking them up and hugging them

eat bugs
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Guess who didn't realize that you needed to get all the sacred weapons to get the chapters past defeating Zephiel! The one I missed was Forblaze, which you get by completing a Desert chapter with Fog of War within a certain time limit. IntSys, why do you hate the player so :(? I'll attempt it when I replay the game who knows when, but yeah, perfectly fine with watching the real ending on youtube for now. The plot as a whole isn't anything special, and like I said that fan translation could be better, but there were some nice moments in the finale. Those ending blurbs were a complete let down though, don't know if it's the translation or the original script. Oh well, final stats!

numbers for the rng god )
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Guess who's playing it for the first time! The script's fan-translated and it shows, it's not like Fire Emblem games in general are known for inventive plots, but the presentation makes it fall flatter than usual. Doesn't help that most of the Support conversations I've gotten so far are pretty short and rudimentary, I guess since this was the first game to really feature them in this way. It also really makes you appreciate how good Nintendo's in-house localization team is, they do a great job of getting the spirit across without being stiff and too literal. Anyway, here's my everyone's-promoted-about-to-start-16x status check.

delicious numbers )

Everyone's doing very well for the most part! Definitely a lot harder than most subsequent installments, enemies getting to move right when they show up really changes how defensive and position aware you have to be. The desert + fog of war chapter was as annoying as expected, I can't wait for the obligatory ship chapter :P. The game's been surprisingly lenient as far as annoying thief deployment goes though. I imagine I'll eventually regret saying that orz.
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It is apparently Fire Emblem Appreciation Month...s over on the SA Let's Play forums. This pleases me.


Aug. 20th, 2011 04:56 pm
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Free weekend \o/! So what am I doing with my valuable time?

1. Study orz

2. Raging at Hulu for messing T&B's ep21 subs I need my fix damnit

3. Torturing and working myself in to a jealous rage of European gamers by reading every impression of Xenoblade I can get my hands on WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT NINTENDO OF AMERICAAAAAAAA (╯°□° )╯︵ ┻━┻

I've seriously been following the development of the game since it began when the only thing on the official page was the beautiful main theme why won't you let me give you my money Nintendo ;_;?'s everyone else doing 8D?
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So glad it's finally over with though, now I just have to wait for the results D:.

Guess who has lots of One Piece (and fandom in general orz) to catch up on XD?

Guess who's been replaying Baten Kaitos Origins *_*? For a game I loved so much (see here for many spoilery WORDS) I've only actually played it once, thought I should give it at least one more playthrough before I have to pretty much give up RPG length games/our GC controller completely dies.

Still love this boss and music like burning ♥.
I am the light, dispeller of darkness! I am the fire, hear my voice!
True Mirror: Orchestral Version

I had forgotten that this was the very final boss theme, and how fitting it was :).
Le Ali del Principio

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It's been, uhhhhhh, how many months since I last posted? Anyway, guess who's on spring break!

Guess who just spent the first day of spring break (not spent at the airport orz) blazing through Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective :D? Absolutely loved the game, but I'm not going to go in to details about the plot since it's one you really don't want to spoil yourself for, especially accidentally.

Want me to repeat that?


The gameplay is fun, later puzzles especially can get extremely involved and take split second timing, but the way it's set up is forgiving and encourages experimentation.

It's the story that really makes it shine though, filled as it is with wonderfully goofy characters and WTF plot developments foreshadowed ALL OVER THE PLACE that will MELT YOUR FACE OFF with awesomeness. I did manage to work out the main twist several chapters before it was confirmed, but totally did not see that final revelation coming. You will be wrong. It is also one of those rare beasts, a Japanese videogame that ends well and coherently!...I think. Beat it at 2am this morning and am still trying to wrap my mind around a few details, you'll understand once you get there 8D. Putting aside any minor plot holes that may or may not exist, the ending is still one of the most relentlessly heartwarming experiences ever ♥.

This is a story that doesn't need a sequel, it's just so well formed and complete. Recommended for all ages and skill levels :).

Also, Missile for cutest sidekick ever :3.

EDIT: Forgot the most important thing, same developer as the Ace Attorney series! Though to be honest, even at this early point I think I actually like it more as game-play, pacing, and plotting are tighter all around; benefits of nine additional years of game development experience I guess. So definitely give it a try if you liked the AA games, and consider playing it even if you didn't!


Jul. 14th, 2010 12:25 am
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1. Summer vacation \o/!

2. Banff was fun, saw a grizzly bear :D. Would have bought the shirt with Hallucigenia on it but my sister got to it first :<.

3. Research! Spreadsheets! Statistics! Coding!...\o/?

4. Finally got around to watching District 9. Disgusting, horrifying, and absolutely fantastic.

5. Cats are jerks. Awesome jerks :3.

6. Made Bowser's Galaxy Generator my new ringtone 8D.
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Free Portal on Steam until May 24 :D?

Stays available after the 24th if you were wondering :3.
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1) Med school starts tomorrow. I have noticed a pattern in the way people speak of what I should expect:

"Stock up on winter gear like your life depends on it (because it does), and January will make you wish you'd never been born. But it's really not that bad!"
Also they tested the tornado siren on the first day of orientation :C.

Med School
"You'll be fine as long as you stay on top of things and don't fall behind (just...don't fall behind) and, well, I suppose the amount of information they dump on you is analogous to a fire hose. But it's really not that bad!"

"It's totally not that--okay, maybe it is that bad. But hey, at least it used to be worse!"

At least rent is cheap, the place I'm staying is awesome, my landlady has a kitty, and there's a spider living in my window :3.

2) I finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney last night. Lacking the power to will copies of the sequels in to existence I immediately ordered them from Amazon, and once they arrive will be reduced to gazing longingly at them until I have time to play again :(.

okay so i'd find the time

also if anyone knows where to find gumshoe/edgeworth anything please hook me up i shall forever be in your debt *_*

3) So how are you all doing 8D?
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And two-stop layovers suck. On the other hand, at least that gave me more time to play The World Ends With You 8D. A couple of points:

1) Another Day is the best thing.

2) The brave/equip system is the second best.

3) I will acquire the entire black planet set. Though I can already tell that the 96U battle will be very, very painful D:.

4) Speaking of which, I managed to meet a Fifenfrog in probably my 7th battle looking for it instead of the potentially hundreds it seems to take most people 8D. Ganked its Black Mercury pin of course :3.

5) Adjustable difficulty? Adjustable levels/drop rates? Nothing being 100% missable? Being able to replay any chapter any time aka New Game++++++++++? A plot that actually justifies a band of teenagers saving the world Shibuya and writing that pokes fun at the standard JRPG emo protagonist model? Just about the only major criticism I can level is at the item organization system or the lack thereof, and even that's not too painful to work around. Another Day absolves it of any minor sins anyway, as well as Shiki's 3rd level Fusion and Shooter's Tin Pin Slammer 'Diagram' and Def March's goofiness and Pi-face (SO ZETTA SLOW) and the Crayon Warriors (seriously, Another Day) and god I love this game ♥.
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Sweet, sweet internet, I've missed you so ♥. Good thing I had Radiant Dawn to occupy my time 8D. First order of business after getting online again was downloading this song:

and forever embedding it in to my brain. There's nothing quite like the feeling of being able to drop the Suck Brigade to play as the Greil Mercenaries, otherwise known as Ike and his Merry Band of Roving Death, Destroyers of Hopes and Dreams ♥. Which just makes going back to Micaiah's Suck Brigade that much more painful, but what're you gonna do.

random tl;dr rambling about Radiant Dawn, spoilers )

Final thoughts: Path of Radiance was more consistent in quality but more run of the mill, and while Radiant Dawn didn't always succeed at what it was attempting I liked its ambition, considering how wed to tradition the series can be. And taken together they're definitely my favorite FE world of the ones that have been brought to the US, though changing the limiting factor of weapon weights from Con to Strength when calculating Attack Speed would have been enough in and of itself ♥. But though I think Radiant Dawn barely edges it out for my favorite FE game of the ones I've played, I definitely agree with the sentiment that it's not a good place to start with the series, it being a direct sequel aside, considering how much more unforgiving it can be. Good thing Path of Radiance is widely considered the best one to start with huh :D?
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Super Mario Galaxy is a fantastic game with fantastic graphics and fantastic level design, though the second one is naturally par for course in mainline Mario games. What I did not expect was for it to also have fantastic music, of which one example is this:

So jubilant and free, so perfect in its embodiment of pure joy; there are videogame songs I like listening to just for the nostalgia and the association it has with favorite moments, then there are songs like this.
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Started The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wednesday. Played a few hours a day until Friday. Spent all day Saturday and Sunday playing it, and plan to do so tomorrow as well.

Game was first announced: 4 years ago at E3 2004
(AP Tests not studied for in lieu of watching the trailer over and over again: AP Gov)
Game was released: 1 and 1/2 years ago in November 2006
Time game has been in my possession: Less than a week
Total time spent so far: 32 hours.
Dungeons beaten: 7
Poe souls collected: 56
Bugs collected: 24
Magic armor: Bought
Profanities screamed: Countless
Lives up to expectations y/n: motherfucking YES.

And I have Brawl waiting after this is finished. I ♥ vacations. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some videogaming to do.
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Is tomorrow, if you're a Super Tuesday state remember to vote in the primaries :).

I said I wouldn't talk about Smash Brothers anymore, and I lied. Sorry. But I couldn't not show this Kirby Hat Compilation Clip :D.
Hiiiiiii! )
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Yeah, kinda sorta want this game already...I've watched so many Brawl clips in the last few days that the main theme is on permanent loop in my head XD. I'll restrain myself from squeeing too much, but here are some clips I just had to share with those less consumed by videogames.

The director claimed there were about 30 games worth of music in Brawl, and I don't think he's joking.
Here's one of them )
Remixed Fire Emblem Theme ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Final Destination looks really nice.
No items, Fox only lol )
Nifty music too.

Really awesome fight between two tournament level players
Wolf vs. Falco, Shadow Moses )
Sort of ironic considering my previous comment but oh well...

Final Smash Compilation :)
Crazy. )

Greatest secret character alt ever under the cut XD
He's definitely going to be one of my main characters ♥. But I want to use Ike too, or maybe SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE, it's so hard to choose :(.

Waaaaaaaaaaant T_T.

<3 <3 <3

Jan. 26th, 2008 08:00 pm
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One Piece 486:

Democratic Presidential Primaries:
Obama wins South Carolina by a margin of 28% ♥.
His victory speech )
I apologize for all political posts if you're not American, I'm just really excited about the primaries right now :).
For fun, a really awesome music video of Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good'.

Today has been a good day ♥ ♥ ♥.

Except for Fire Emblem. HHM 19 can go die in a fire.
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Okay, yes I know this is yet another post about Baten Kaitos: Origins but I really really really love the game and this video is pretty cool :D. Behold!

Pretty much the best Ex:Combos you can get in the game, strung together to make the Relay Combo From Hell ♥.
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I get the feeling my flist isn't much for console RPGs, but I loved this game so much I had to get all tl;dr about it anyway.

I suppose it sort of fails as a pimp post, considering people who haven't played it can't read it for fear of spoilers but they're what make it so awesome~ ars;dklfjlkw. Well, if you have a Gamecube/Wii but haven't heard of these games, they're probably best known for their unusual battle system (well, the first one is probably also known for its notoriously bad voice acting), usually called a card-battling game but it really isn't (in the usual Yu-Gi-Oh and various TCGs sense), it just uses cards as the interface between player and world, with attacks being cards representing weapons, defense as cards representing armor and shields, healing items as cards representing food, etc. You start out with a certain hand of cards with each card being replaced as it is used or discarded, and play the cards in ascending order (according to their number in the bottom right hand order), with consecutive strings of cards and other special combinations of attack and special cards doing more damage to the enemy. That's really just a really quick and dirty description of it but anything more thorough would probably be better just looked up in a guide. The character models are all right, but the backgrounds are hand-painted and absolutely gorgeous, while the music is good in the prequel and absolutely phenomenal in the first game.

And if you have played the first one but didn't like the battle system (which was original but had its flaws) or the story (which has some neat twists but is otherwise pretty pedestrian, I admit) this prequel really overhauls it and you can see how much thought went in to improving upon both these and other facets of the game. And though I did't really count the voice acting in the original a negative, horrendous as it is, because it crosses over in to so-bad-it's-hilarious territory and you can turn it off anyway, the voices in Origins are not only much better, but even generally excellent when most people would have been fine with serviceable. Really, I still don't know how it could have scored lower than the first one across the board unless the reviewers couldn't figure out the battle system or hadn't actually played the game (which is a possibility, sadly).

WARNING: Major spoilers for both games and the actual tl;dr under the cut.

I am the light, dispeller of darkness... )

Anyone who liked the first one should buy and devour this game immediately. And even if you didn't like the first one the prequel is such a huge improvement over it that I'd recommend it on its own merits anyway as it can be played as a stand alone game (though you really get the most out of it from playing the first then Origins).

Yes, I really did write 3,681 words about a videogame. Uh, I really like it? Yeah ♥.
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So. There is a reason I haven't posted at all this month, and that reason happens to be Baten Kaitos: Origins. I love this game a lot and will probably make another post at a later date gushing effusively about it.

However, the purpose of this post is not to shower it with praises it otherwise deserves, but instead to ask the game designers to kindly fuck themselves up the ass sideways for putting in those damn flying puzzles in the final dungeon that are the reason Tarazed's music is now eternally seared in to my poor brain meats though it was nice that they aren't actually mandatory to access the endgame but it was not so nice that I didn't figure that out until I had already done two of them so I decided to go ahead and finish the two left because you made a valiant attempt game designers BUT YOU DID NOT BREAK ME!!!!!


That is all.

In other news, I am quite interested in how the ending will resolve the story of this game with the story of the first one. Final boss(es) here I come!
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